Within & Without


Within and Without


Within the context of our church family we seek to provide ministries for the whole man. Besides the ministries of preaching and teaching, music, and other worship related activities, we also minister to people through visitation, benevolence and acts of kindness. Members often share meals with those who are ill or infirm, keep in touch with each other’s needs over the telephone, send cards of encouragement, and spend time in prayer for one another. We provide a printed prayer sheet on Wednesday evenings with current needs listed. We have a prayer chain for emergency and serious needs. And when someone in our church family goes to Heaven, we provide food to the grieving family to assist them in their time of bereavement.


As we seek to reach our community for Christ, our members participate in a variety of evangelistic ministries. We have teams that conduct services at two local nursing care facilities. Many in our congregation help with Child Evangelism Fellowship of York in an outreach to the children of York County. In the summer time, several of our folks participate in weekly Street Meetings in downtown York neighborhoods. Others hand out tracts in the downtown area. There is also a group that helps out at TAP Ministries in Harrisburg, which sends Christian literature to other countries.

Besides these activities, others help in Masters Clubs, do personal evangelism, help in prison ministries, do ministries in nursing homes, conduct Bible Studies and discipleship, and do visitation.

We are a ministry oriented local church because we believe this is the purpose of the body of Christ.