Our Convictions

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Our Convictions

Eternal Security

Our founding Pastor left a denomination in order to take a stand for sound doctrine, including belief in the eternal security of the believer in Christ. We continue to stand upon this doctrine as a vital part of the teaching of Scripture. We believe that this security is based upon God’s unlimited power by which He is able to keep all His promises. We do not believe that man is able to remove himself from the keeping power of God by any means. This is not, however, a license to sin because we are saved from sin unto righteousness.

Biblical Separation

Many years ago, our church proclaimed its conviction that liberalism, neo-orthodoxy, neo-evangelicalism, and ecumenism are unscriptural. We, therefore, do not promote or participate with activities, mission boards, or other organizations which are ecumenical in nature, which hold to errant doctrines, or which compromise the direct teaching of the Word of God.


Our church stands upon the conviction that there is no further need for additional revelation, that the gifts of tongues and healing were gifts of the Holy Spirit given to the Apostles as signs of God changing His manner in dealing with humanity from Law to Grace, and that these gifts have ceased since they are no longer necessary. Although we believe the Lord heals when He chooses, we believe the supposed use of tongues and healing as spiritual gifts among professed believers is extra-biblical and displeasing to the Lord.

The Imminent Pre-Tribulational Rapture of the Church

We believe the Rapture of the Church may take place at any moment and that the Church, the Body and Bride of Christ will not go through any part of the Tribulation Period.