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Len Smith – Colorado
Len Smith

Rockies Southwest Bible Church Extension

Birthday Len November 15

Contact Information:

Len Smith
4320 Georgetown Dr. Apt. 330
Loveland, CO 80538

For many years Len was the administrator of Southwest Bible Church Mission. He and his wife Marie had the business office of the mission in their home and kept things running. In the past they also did church planting, being involved in the start of three different churches in New Mexico and Arizona. He is no longer involved directly in church planting but is a resource helper for other missionaries. In 2011 their mission merged with Rocky Mountain Bible Mission and became Rockies Southwest Bible Church Extension. In 2012 Len and Marie moved to Colorado to be closer to their children and help with a new church plant in Severance, Colorado. Marie went home to be with the Lord in 2014.

Internet Bible Institute Training Program (www.sbti.info)

  • Get workers from churches (who have been active in church ministry, teaching SS, etc.) put them into an internship program in Arizona or new Mexico, and let them get a Bible Institute Education with their Internet Program.
  • Len is the director of the Institute and has bout half a dozen people helping to get the program up and running. The helpers are from PA, TX and AZ
  • Len does some of the programming. Helpers do proof-reading and testing, and Len makes the corrections on the lessons.
  • They want to make the lessons available also for anyone in the churches they work with to help disciple them and give them a good knowledge of the Bible Since it is on the internet, it is really available for anyone all over the world who might be interested. At the moment, they only charge a $25 fee for record keeping for each semester.

Bible Studies

  • Bible Studies by Mail, sends out free correspondence courses to all ages. About 50% go to prisoners.
  • Len is now in a consulting capacity and helps by email and telephone, helping to keep the computers running.

Sunday Mornings – Len does a service each week at Sugar Valley Estates Nursing Home. They have started out with 25 in attendance.

Sunday Evenings – He helps in the new Church Plant in Severance, CO

On-going requests:

  • Len – is on two diets: one for diabetes, and one to help prevent more kidney stones. Early in 2012 he had surgery for skin cancer and bladder cancer.

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