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Marc & Judie Blackwell – South Africa
Marc and Judie Blackwell

Faith Global Mission

Birthdays Marc November 12
Judie November 23
Anniversary February 3

Contact Information:

Mark & Judie Blackwell
Association of Baptists
P.O. Box 3298, Tygervalley, 7536
Republic of South Africa

Marc and Judie have been serving the Lord in Africa for many years. Most of these years have been in Southern Africa. They have 3 grown children also working in South Africa.

Their main thrust is church planting. They are working with the following Multilingual team that makes up their collective church planting outreach efforts:

  • Faith Fellowship in Durbanville North
  • Paarl Valley Congregation
  • Swartland Baptist Church in Malmesbury
  • Tygerberg Baptist

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that they will rightly identify the people and projects that need their focus and attentive love.
  • Pray that they will see many more saved, and discipleships move forward.
  • Pray for counseling to take root and congregations to grow.
  • Pray for couples to be stabilized and families get involved in more ministry.
  • Pray that the people will better understand the necessity of holiness in life.
  • Pray that each congregation will have a loving commitment to one another.
  • Pray that they might use every encounter with unbelievers as an opportunity to witness for Christ.

They are also involved in these church help ministries:

  • Church Ministries Institute – apprenticeship training.

    Young adults taking leadership and being involved more deeply in evangelism outreach. Pray for student preachers to develop.

  • Paardeberg Mt. Retreat – camp ministry.

    Camp season sees hundreds of children flowing through the camp.

    July is the concentrated camp ministry led by the 20’s age group and a few married couples.

  • The Afrikaans and Multi-lingual Team – discover more effective and practical church planting methods that are usable in the churches.
  • On-going Requests

    • Judie’s efforts to keep her diabetes under control.
    • Keep growing in their walk with the Lord, and more controlled by the Spirit in their relationships and attitudes toward others.
    • Remain committed to maintaining their physical health to be spiritually effective.
    • Relationships with family, friends, and supporters will glorify the Lord.
    • To be more communicative of Christ’s love, to manifest Christ more clearly and more directly to every South African possible.
    • To not compromise God’s Word, and feed meat to those that can handle it.

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