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Donald & Karen Kilmer – South Africa
Donald and Karen Kilmer

Mountainview Bible Church

Birthdays Donald June 1
Karen November 24
Anniversary July 9

Contact Information:

Donald & Karen Kilmer
P.O. Box 2179
Hillcrest 3650

Donald and Karen have a unique ministry to the Zulu’s. The Zulu’s are tribal people who worship their ancestors and believe in witchcraft. Often, when becoming a Christian, it is difficult for new believers to leave all of the teaching behind in which they have grown up. Thus the biblical teaching has to be constant so they don’t fall back into their old ways and customs. Because of this tendency, it is often difficult to find nationals in the church who become dependable spiritual leaders.

Their main work is in Embo, a remote village in the Valley of 1,000 Hills. Because the people are poor, uneducated and of tribal mentality, a lot of the Kilmer’s work involves practical activities like – transporting people to the hospital when needed, helping them with any legal matters, mediating between disputes, etc. Much of their work is done one-on-one.

The church at Embo has put up its own building. They have weekly Sunday services

  • Adult Sunday School
  • Worship service
  • Children’s Sunday School

Weekly activities:

  • Sunday mornings before church they go and preach in the open using a megaphone.
  • Tuesday Prayer Meeting
  • Two or three discipleship sessions.
  • Friday Youth meeting.
  • Visitation on the paths and in the homes of the people.

On-going Prayer Requests:

  • For men to train for the ministry.
  • For the believers to stand fast in the Lord as there are many pressures to follow the culture.
  • For the salvation of these men: Henry, Desmond, Chief Dominic, Mdu, Enock, Mr. Zondi, Themba, and Andile; and this woman: Sindi.
  • For Mzamo (Kenneth) and Leon to continue to grow in the faith.
  • For Miss Gina Frey who helps in their ministry to children, youth and women.
  • For more laborers to work among the Zulu people of South Africa.
  • For the many vigils and funerals Donald gets to preach.

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