Our Organization


Our Organization


The oversight of the North Hills Bible Church is the responsibility of a Board of Elders. These are men who are carefully selected according to their qualifications as detailed in I Timothy chapter Three and Titus chapter one. Our Constitution outlines the responsibilities of the Elders, giving them oversight of the total church program including Sunday School, worship, visitation, missions, fellowship, benevolence, and finance.

Elders are elected by the congregation at the annual congregational meeting in January. Each man is voted on according to the merits of his own qualifications. We may have a maximum of seven Elders, but otherwise are not required to have any specific number. The Pastor of the church serves as a voting member on the Elder Board.


Deacon is a ministry office for those who are faithful men according to the Scriptural qualifications and who serve the church in a variety of ways.


A Board of Trustees oversees the care taking of our buildings and grounds. They also serve as our finance committee.

Annual Meeting

An annual congregational meeting is held the last Sunday in January. The meeting is held following the morning service. During this meeting, Elders are voted upon and the annual budget is reviewed. Other items are discussed when necessary. Special meetings may be called at other times throughout the year for consideration of important matters.