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Roger & Nola Perrott – Hong Kong
Roger and Nola Perrott

Central Missionary Clearinghouse

Birthdays Roger May 19
Nola May 13
Jonathan March 20
Andrew February 5
Anna July 24
James October 17
Abigail November 16
Joshua June 20
Anniversary August 11

Contact Information:

Roger & Nola Perrott
28A,G/F Pak Ngau Shek Ha Village
Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, N.T.

Roger and Nola work with the Chinese in Hong Kong. They continue to learn the Chinese language. They homeschool their 6 children. The following are the things they are involved in doing on the field.

  • Hebron Fundamental Baptist Church

    Roger leads and teaches in all of these services in both English and Chinese.

    Children’s church during the worship service – Nola and another lady teach.

    Family fellowship – once a month on Sunday night – led by Roger. Every other month it is just for the church family. On the alternate months it is an outreach activity.

  • Children’s Bible Club

    Every Friday – Roger teaches in English and Chinese. Nola is the helper. Normally 15-20 kids attend. There are 4-5 children that are saved now, but still about 10 are not saved.

  • Community Center in Tai Wai New Village

    A youth center the Perrotts have started where activities, games, and classes are provided for young people every day.

    • A Bible lesson is included at the activities.
    • Roger helps the children in doing their homework.
    • Roger teaches 3 English classes per week.
    • They plan special activities for the village people around holidays.
  • Camps

    Roger is involved in planning and speaking at camps that their five churches hold twice a year. They are looking to add a week of teen camp with help from the Wilds Camp.

  • Evangelism

    Roger goes out regularly in the village to just talk to and witness to people.

  • Study Bible

    Roger helped in writing notes for this. It has now been published and is being distributed in Mainland China and in Hong Kong. Pray that it will help in stabilizing believers and helping churches take a fundamental stand.

  • Ongoing prayer requests

    • Growth in faithfulness and willingness to serve among their church believers.
    • Several families have financial problems. One has emotional problems.
    • Unsaved friends and contacts.
    • Nola’s strength for homeschooling the kids.
    • Their children to grow in self-control.
    • Strength as they care for Nola’s father who has alzheimers.

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