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Roberto & Imelda Livioco – Philippines
Roberto and Imelda Livioco

Independent Missionaries

Birthdays Roberto September 18
Imelda April 21
Deborah July 30
Ruth May 31
Jonathan July 3
Eunice January 18
Danielle June 5
Anniversary December 4

Contact Information:

Roberto & Imelda Livioco
608A Interior Shaw Blvd.
Barrio Kapitolyo, 1603
Pasig City, Metro-Manila

Dr. Roberto Jose Livioco is a national pastor in the Philippines and pastors the Foundation Baptist Church, located in the heart of Metro-Manila, a city of 13.5 million people. The Livioco family has 5 children who are all musically talented and provide special music on violins and piano.

  • Foundation Baptist Church

    They rent facilities for the Pastor’s office, Bible School, and the church’s meeting place for all service and activities. These services are held in the English language. They are considering adding a service in the Tagolog (local) language.

  • Daughter churches

    • A daughter church has already been established north of Manila.
    • Plans are to train and send members of Foundation Baptist Church to other parts of the Philippines to establish churches.
  • Bible Studies

    • Mandaluyong City and Pasig City.
    • Makati City: Most who attend are professionals.
    • Globe Telecom (a cell phone server) – an office Bible study.
  • Bible Conferences

    • Heart’s Banquet in February – with seven other churches.
    • A fundamental Bible conference is hosted each year in October. National and US pastors presenting the Word.
  • Family Camp/ Summer Camp

    Held March or April around Easter time.

  • Church Family Fellowship – May 1

  • Evangelism

    • Tract distribution
    • Vacation Bible School
    • Radio and television programs
  • Foundation Bible Institute

    To equip other faithful men in the clear exposition of the Word of God.

  • General

    • Pray that they would continue to see many of their contacts thirst for the things of God.
    • Many families in the Philippines are deeply entrenched in Roman Catholicism and new believers receive hostile responses from their loved ones.
  • Personal Requests

    • Monthly support is lacking.
    • Pray that they will saturate their field with the message of His Word; that the Spirit of God would do a mighty work in their hearts and in their midst.
    • Pastor Livioco writes many papers and articles on current issues that threaten the spiritual well-being of God’s people, and encourages them to stand strong in the midst of much compromise.

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