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Brenda Hamme – Mount Joy, PA
Brenda Hamme

Evangelistic Independent Church Ministries

Birthday April 5

Contact Information:

Brenda Hamme
3046 Dundee Road
York, PA 17406
(717) 854-7097

Brenda is the secretary for Evangelistic Independent Church Ministries in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania. This mission helps struggling churches. There is no routine pattern to what Brenda does in the office. There are many variables and constantly changing priorities due to other people’s schedules and needs. Also changing is the number of churches they are helping at a given time.

EICM Board of Directors Meetings:

January- 3 Tuesday – Annual Meeting. June – Semi-rd annual Meeting.

Type the agenda, prepare materials, make copies, put everything in packets.

Executive Committee Meetings:

Meets 5 times a year: March, May, August, October, December.

Prepare agenda and other materials for these meetings. Type the minutes from the board secretary, make copies, and mail to all the board members.

Beginning of each month:

Prepare prayer and praise items of each missionary to go out with receipts to contributors.

20th of each month:

Email praise and prayer items from the mission to supporting churches.

End of each month:

Use the reports the missionaries send in and compile the Missionary Prayer Update. Mail these to the missionaries and to board members.

Daily activities:

  • Take care of mail.
  • Answer phone; she is sometimes a caller’s first contact with the Mission.
  • Type Keith’s and the Mission’s correspondence either in letter or email.
  • Other computer use includes designing and typing different forms for office and church use, preparing Mission literature, and editing/adapting agreements, procedures, policies, questionnaires, etc. for use in different churches.
  • Responsible for the preparation of the mailing of all of our missionaries’ prayer letters and also the EICM Update.
  • Maintain all of the missionaries’ mailing lists and the Mission’s mailing list
  • Oversee volunteers who come to the office to help with the mailings.
  • See that all the files are organized and kept up to date.
  • Order all the supplies for the office.

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