Our History

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Our History

1939 through 1961:

In July of 1939, a group of Christians, including the Pastor, O.M. Kraybill, left the West Poplar Street Church of God and shortly thereafter, formed the Bible Church. The new church came into being because Pastor Kraybill believed in the eternal security of the believer, and preached it openly. The Church of God (the non-charismatic denomination) hierarchy believed that a person could lose his salvation, and was putting much pressure on Pastor Kraybill to cease and desist from preaching eternal security. Rather than continue in a system where he could not teach what he considered to be the truth of the Scriptures, Pastor Kraybill chose to leave the denomination.

As a result, the Bible Church was formed. The group grew, and after a few years, was able to purchase a church building on North George Street in North York.

1961 through 1966:

After Pastor Kraybill’s death in 1961, Rev. Roy Smith became the Pastor. In 1962, the church became a member of the Independent Fundamental Churches of America (IFCA). During Pastor Smith’s ministry, the church continued to grow to approximately 225 people, which was more than the church could hold. Land was purchased on North Hills Road and planning was started for a new building. In 1966 Pastor and Mrs. Smith left the Bible Church to become missionaries to the Moslem people in Morocco, and later in France.

1967 through 1979:

In 1967, Rev. James McClain was called as Pastor. Under his leadership the new building was completed in September, 1969. A $125,000 mortgage was taken out to build the church and was paid off in 1979.

After moving into the new building, the congregation changed its name to North Hills Bible Church. Attendance was approximately 185.

Pastor McClain was an excellent Bible teacher, and good things happened under his ministry; however, numbers decreased to approximately 125 at the end of December, 1979, when he left.

1983 through 1990:

In January, 1983, Pastor Keith Mosebrook came to Pastor our church. At this time, attendance was about 100. During the first several years of Pastor Mosebrook’s ministry, the attendance grew to about 125, but dropped off some near the end of his tenure here.

In 1987 our old parsonage was sold and a newer parsonage was purchased in a nicer neighborhood. The new parsonage was located about 31/2 miles from the church, was centrally air-conditioned, and had 4 bedrooms, 21/2 baths, a kitchen, dining room, living room, play room, small laundry room, basement, and a single car garage. A $63,000 bank loan taken out for this was completely paid off within two years.

1991 to the Present:

At the end of January, 1991, Pastor Mosebrook left to take a Senior Pastor position with a church in Illinois. From March to December of 1991, Pastor Donald Hurlbert served as our Interim Pastor.

In January 1992, Pastor David Moss came to be our Pastor. Since that time, God has seen fit to bless us with growth. We look forward to God’s continuing provision for the days ahead.